Because the GEI X5 Fuel Cell Electric Power System Technology does not have to be attached to the electric grid, fuel cells allow the country to move away from reliance on high-voltage central power stations that could be targeted in an attempt to cripple energy infrastructure.  Advancing Energy Portfolio Diversification: Fuel cells enable utilities and co-ops to offer customers an option for buying green, clean, and renewable power.


Our unique scalable modular technology allows power systems from a few kW to several hundred kW, with the average family home requiring about 5kW and the average commercial business requiring about 25kW. Our electric power generation systems employ superior technologies that conserve earth’s natural resources, improve people’s quality of life, and assure global energy security. By using advanced green technologies combined with our systems engineering experience, GEI GLOBAL will be the world leader for innovation in fuel cell electric power generation systems engineering, and for developing products and strategies that improve the social and economic quality of life for millions.


The system provides power on-demand and operates at 44% efficiency on natural gas as compared to a diesel electric generator that operates at 18% efficiency. When leveraging the available by-product heat for hot water heating or other process needs, the fuel cell electric power generator thermal efficiency exceeds 91%. Additionally, the technology is environmentally friendly and sustainable, and leverages affordable and readily available natural gas flowing through pipe lines either on First Nation land or nearby.