GEI-X5 Fuel Cell Applications:

Fuel cells are ideal for power generation, either to provide supplemental power and backup assurance for critical areas, or installed as a generator for on-site service in areas that are inaccessible by power lines.

In general, the fuel cell market can be divided into several segments based on the type of application for which the fuel cell is intended. The GEI-X5, represent a revolutionary, fuel cell auxiliary electric power generation system for residential, commercial and industrial electric applications.

Our unique scalable modular technology supports power systems from a few kW to several hundred kW. Our power systems employ a superior technology that conserve earth’s natural resources, improve people’s quality of life, and assures energy security. By using advanced clean technologies combined with our systems engineering experience, GEI strives to be a leader for innovation in fuel cell systems engineering and for developing products and strategies that improve the social and economic quality of life for millions.