GEI Energy Solutions inc., Canada

GEI Energy Solutions Inc. is supplying Canadians with fuel cell systems, products, choices and strategies.  GEI-X5 Fuel Cells demonstrate clean energy solutions, sustain the environment, while contributing to the economic quality of the lives of Canadians individually and corporately.

GEI Energy Solution Inc.’s Commitment to Canadians:
  • to enrich the lives of ALL Canadians by providing energy security today and in the future.
  • to conserve and utilize our natural resources responsibly.
  • to provide our customers with high-quality service.
  • to provide superior engineering technology.
  • to provide economical and sustainable energy solutions that contribute to the health of our environment for today and for our future generations.
GEI Energy Solution’s Inc. Vision:

GEI Energy Solutions Inc. is a rising leader both locally and nationally. GEI Energy Solutions Inc. Energy Solutions Inc. is focused on technical innovation, engineering excellence, and market commercialization. Our engineering advisor Dr. K. J. Berry Phd, P.E., is the best mind in the industry and has developed “systems integration” providing product solutions for the rapid commercialization of fuel cell power systems.

The GEI-X5 Fuel Cell robust technology is not hindered by the lack of a hydrogen infrastructure, but instead provides an environmentally benign, quiet, and multi-fuel power systems solution across a myriad of applications throughout the GEI-X5 fuel cell systems and component supply chain.

GEI-X5 Fuel Cell has the capacity to operate independently or in conjunction with the existing natural gas pipeline infrastructure and/or power grids.  It is a viable solution to Canada’s energy crisis.

GEI Energy Solutions Inc. will:
  • leverage its market advantage in hybrid high temperature PEM fuel cells, fuel reforming, and power electronics and controls
  • provide GEI-X5 Fuel Cells to Canada
  • contribute to meeting Canada’s goal for efficient zero emission power systems.
  • maximize effectiveness by linking arms with other renewable energy sources such as bio fuels, wind, and solar
  • provides a very real solution for Canada’s current and future energy crises and complex demands
  • will reach across each of the following sectors; agricultural, industry, business, self-governing communities, remote communities, government, health care, recreation, and social service.
  • provide environmentally benign, affordable, adaptable, scalable, efficient, stable and unlimited main or back-up power options.
  • provide remote communities with electricity across each of the Canadian provinces and territories.
  • provide remote communities currently dependent on diesel fuel with an alternative electric power source that is economical, viable, reliable, quiet, clean, affordable, stable, scalable and sustainable.
GEI Energy Solution’s Philanthropic Vision:
  • Provide assistance during critical emergency power outages.
  • Review and support novel green energy concepts that are viable technologies.